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  • How often should I take lessons? ¿Con qué frecuencia debería tomar clases?
    Most of my students take on WEEKLY lessons. I find that weekly lessons yield the best results for noticeable, consistent progress and growth in your drumming. I do also offer bi-weekly lessons and one off lessons. However, one off lessons are dependent on if and when time slots are available. La mayoría de mis estudiantes toman clases SEMANALES. Encuentro que las clases semanales ofrecen los mejores resultados para un progreso y crecimiento consistentes y notables en tu habilidad para tocar la batería. También ofrezco clases quincenales y clases sueltas. Sin embargo, las clases sueltas dependen de si hay horarios disponibles y cuándo.
  • Do you offer lessons in Spanish? ¿Ofreces clases en español?
    Yes, I do! I will do my best to use the correct terminology and communicate my message as best as possible! ¡Sí, lo haré! Haré todo lo posible por usar la terminología correcta y comunicar mi mensaje de la mejor manera posible.
  • How do we schedule a lesson if I am in a different time zone? ¿Cómo programamos una clase si estoy en una zona horaria diferente?
    Before booking your lesson(s), I will contact you to finalize the appropriate time for your lesson. I am located in the New Jersey/New York zone. (EST time zone). Antes de reservar tu(s) clase(s), me pondré en contacto contigo para finalizar la hora adecuada para tu clase. Estoy ubicado en la zona de Nueva Jersey/Nueva York (zona horaria EST).
  • What if I need to cancel a lesson? ¿Qué pasa si necesito cancelar una clase?
    If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason I require 24 hours notice. I'm happy to try and reschedule for the same week or we can postpone. However, if notice of cancellation is given less than 24 hours, unfortunately I will still need to charge for the lesson. Finally, frequent cancellations will result in forfeiting a student's time slot. There are no refunds on lessons. Si necesitas cancelar una clase por cualquier motivo, requiero un aviso con 24 horas de anticipación. Estaré encantado de intentar reprogramarla para la misma semana o podemos posponerla. Sin embargo, si el aviso de cancelación se da con menos de 24 horas de anticipación, lamentablemente aún tendré que cobrar por la clase. Finalmente, las cancelaciones frecuentes resultarán en la pérdida del horario del estudiante. No hay reembolsos por las clases.
  • Do you accept students of any level of ability? ¿Aceptas estudiantes de cualquier nivel de habilidad?
    Yes, I work with all levels of drummers from beginner to advanced levels. All students benefit from working on fundamentals (which we do in every session) as it is imperative to a student's developmental stage no matter the level. Sí, trabajo con bateristas de todos los niveles, desde principiantes hasta avanzados. Todos los estudiantes se benefician de trabajar en los fundamentos (lo cual hacemos en cada sesión), ya que es esencial para la etapa de desarrollo del estudiante, sin importar el nivel.
  • Do you offer 30 and/or 60 minutes lessons? ¿Ofreces clases de 30 y/o 60 minutos?
    Yes, I typically offer 30 and 60 minute lessons based on each student and their interests and experience level. However if a student does require more time, we can arrange that as well. Sí, normalmente ofrezco clases de 30 y 60 minutos, dependiendo de cada estudiante y su nivel de interés y experiencia. Sin embargo, si un estudiante necesita más tiempo, también podemos organizarlo.
  • Where do you conduct the lessons? ¿Dónde impartes las clases?
    I conduct remote lessons via Zoom and in person at my studio in New Jersey. (35 minutes from New York City and 90 minutes from Philadelphia). Imparto clases remotas por Zoom y presenciales en mi estudio en Nueva Jersey (a 35 minutos de la ciudad de Nueva York y a 90 minutos de Filadelfia).
  • What equipment do I need for an online/remote lesson? ¿Qué equipo necesito para una clase en línea/remota?
    You will need a computer/laptop, a good internet connection, and whatever materials we are working on. You will also need the Zoom platform. Optional: some students will use an overhead shot to help me see what is happening with their ergonomics. I recommend purchasing a cheap 4k webcam to connect directly to your laptop. Necesitarás una computadora portátil, una buena conexión a internet y cualquier material con el que estemos trabajando. También necesitarás la plataforma Zoom. Opcional: algunos estudiantes utilizan una toma aérea para ayudarme a ver lo que sucede con su ergonomía. Recomiendo comprar una cámara web 4k económica para conectar directamente a tu portátil.
  • How does payment work? ¿Cómo funciona el pago?
    I accept Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, or cash (if in person). I kindly ask that payments are paid monthly on the first week of each month or if you are taking a One Off lesson, 24 hours before your lesson. Lesson time is not secured until payment. Acepto Zelle, PayPal, Venmo o efectivo (si es en persona). Te pido amablemente que los pagos se realicen mensualmente en la primera semana de cada mes o, si estás tomando una clase suelta, 24 horas antes de tu clase. El horario de la clase no está asegurado hasta que se realice el pago.
  • What are your rates?¿Cuáles son tus tarifas?
    Private Online lessons 30 minute lesson: $60 per lesson 60 minute lesson: $120 per lesson *All payments are represented by US currency Clase Privada Clase de 30 minutos: $60 por cada clase Clase de 60 minutos: $120 por cada clase *Todos los pagos están expresados en moneda estadounidense.
  • Do I have to be able to read music ¿Es necesario saber leer música?
    Reading music is part of learning an instrument, however not the most important part. I use it mainly as a visual aspect of my teaching. It's just another way to reinforce concepts learned in lessons. However, in my experience being able to read music has helped me immensely when learning material. In addition using the VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) method helps students really absorb information and apply things quickly. Finally, you may be surprised how approachable it is, especially when presented in an organized and fun way. Leer música es parte del aprendizaje de un instrumento, sin embargo, no es la parte más importante. Lo utilizo principalmente como un aspecto visual de mi enseñanza. Es solo otra forma de reforzar los conceptos aprendidos en las clases. Sin embargo, en mi experiencia, saber leer música me ha ayudado enormemente al aprender material. Además, utilizar el método VAK (visual, auditivo, kinestésico) ayuda a los estudiantes a absorber realmente la información y aplicar las cosas rápidamente. Finalmente, te sorprenderá lo accesible que es, especialmente cuando se presenta de manera organizada y divertida.
Jon Bisgaier

Jon Bisgaier

Drummer for " Lost Soul Found"
 I studied 40 years ago with Kim Plainfield (extensively) and Kenwood Dennard- two great drummers who are legendary drum instructors in NYC. When I came back to the drum set after 30 years working a day gig, I knew I needed a teacher on that level to help me get where I wanted to be. Carlito is that guy --- a brilliant drummer who may be an even better educator. He has a clear method to help you maximize your drumming potential, but is flexible enough to adapt his lessons  to focus on a student's particular weaknesses and areas of interest. He has a passion for the instrument that translates into a love of teaching, and the patience to make you attack rather than be embarrassed by your errors. His guidance has made my practice sessions more efficient,  improved my playing in countless ways, and made me a more confident player who can more fully experience the joy of playing with other musicians instead of worrying about whether I was "making the grade" on the bandstand. I highly recommend lessons with him -- you'll improve while having a great time.
Mario Conte

Mario Conte

Drummer for "ENOX"
From the moment I saw how passionate Carlito’s playing was, I knew that I had so much to learn from him. His teaching methods are completely personalized to whatever I’m struggling with and he makes it so easy to internalize everything we go over each lesson. I always leave with a full understanding of what I need to practice and how I can apply it to my style. Couldn’t recommend him enough, he’s the best!
Wes Ostrander

Wes Ostrander

Drummer for "World Eater"
Carlito is incredibly passionate, patient, knowledgeable and detail oriented. Every lesson I’ve had has left me wanting more, and he goes above and beyond to make sure I’ve left with a better understanding of the instrument.
Mariana Ramirez
Broadway Percussionist  for "SIX" and  Excelsis 
Carlito has a remarkable and unique combination of not only being an incredible musician, but also an educator.   He is very detail-oriented, and systematic with his approach, and is an incredibly positive teacher who motivates you to improve!  He has developed a plethora of personal systems that have helped me develop my grooves, technique, and musical skills.  In addition, he has recordings, books, and writing exercises that are highly effective in improving as a drummer and most importantly, a musician. 
Zach Maccini

Zach Maccini

Freelance Drummer
Carlito is not just a drum educator; he's a musical mentor who brings out the best in his students.  His passion for drumming is palpable from the moment you step into his studio.  With patience, expertise, and unwavering encouragement, Carlito has transformed my approach to drumming.  What sets Carlito apart is his ability to tailor lessons to suit each student's unique learning style and goals.  His diverse musical background allows him to seamlessly integrate various styles and genres into his lessons, fostering creativity and musical exploration.  Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned drummer seeking to refine your skills, Carlito's personalized approach ensures that ever lesson is both challenging and rewarding.  
NATE Sanchez
Remote Student
I began taking drum lessons with Carlito four years ago, and he has been an amazing drum teacher. He pushes me to do better and exceed what I even think I can do. He has fueled my love for drums, continually introducing me to new techniques and concepts in each lesson. No matter your level of skill, Carlito's passion, patience, kindness, and eagerness to help you reach your goals stand out. Highly recommended!


Our studio is equipped with top-of-the-line acoustic drum kits, providing unparalleled sound quality for online lessons. From beginner grooves to advanced techniques, the studio utilizes high-definition cameras (multi cams) and audio equipment to deliver immersive remote lessons tailored to each student's skill level. With real-time feedback and interactive sessions, drummers of all ages and abilities can hone their skills from the comfort of their own home. 

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